Reflective Journal Week 13/14???

1. What did you actually learned from the unit.

I learned about motivating employees this week. I realized there are many strategies and methods to motivate individuals. The needs of employees will likely change over time. Being sensitive and aware of these changes will allow you to properly incentivize individuals. Every team of co-workers is different and each unit/department/company may face different setbacks. However, as a leader, it is essential that you are able to ensure good performance by boosting moral and providing incentive. 

2. Discuss your feelings/experiences from the team activities? Did it change your opinion on the subject? If so, how? If not, why?

The group discussion this week allowed for a lot of ideas to be shared. The common themes that continuously surfaced to improve moral were employee recognition, communication between leadership and staff, scheduling, and planning miscellaneous activities/meals! I think these are always areas that should be assessed or considered for possible improvements!

3. How you will utilize the information learned in your nursing practice.

I can utilize this information in my nursing practice as I am a member of the engagement committee for my department. As part of the engagement committee, we are in charge of recognition, event planning for holidays and birthdays, and ensuring that each member of our staff knows that they are a valued member of our team! We have actually run into a problem of low moral in the past, and unfortunately, we were doing all of the things discussed in our group discussion this week already! I feel lucky to be part of the department I am in, because I personally think they already have a great handle on things like recognition, scheduling, and lots of perks/goodies. Unfortunately, there will always be times where moral runs low. We did find that avoiding certain staff combinations actually helped improve moral as well. There are a few staff members who always have negative feelings about things. If too many of them were scheduled for the same shifts, it seemed to magnify any dissatisfaction people were feeling! This was actually an easy fix. 

4. You personal feelings about the material covered.

I feel like it is important to be able to  identify ways to improve work ethic and attitude. Unfortunately, most nurses experience burnout at some point in their career. Talented leadership can help combat and overcome burnout!

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